Published June 8, 2016

Brandon Etheridge

Bradon started his journey in fitness like most people playing basketball, baseball, and football in high school. After high school he studied culinary arts and began working in high end restaurants in Mobile, New York, and finally Birmingham. After a year in Birmingham, in search of a change of pace, he started coaching gymnastics with his wife. He was given the opportunity to learn some spotting skills and after 2 years he has become one of the lead coaches and one of the strength and conditioning coaches at Vision gymnastics. The gymnastics world introduced him to Crossfit and he was hooked. He started training at Forge Fitness in 2014. After a year as an athlete at Forge he went to work for Iron Tribe Fitness, where he spent a year developing as a coach. He is now starting back with his original Crossfit family! 

CF L1, FMS L1. 

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