Published October 7, 2016

Megan Thompson

Megan began a competitive swimming career at the age of five. Throughout her 16 year swim career, she has held numerous State and National records, was a Junior Nationals champion, competed at the Olympic Trials at 16, and acquired Division 1 Conference Championship titles. After swimming competitive for LSU and University of Maine, Megan moved to Birmingham in 2009 to start a career in Web and Graphic Design. She has been fortunate to have a successful career in that field.

In 2014, Megan’s brother introduced her to CrossFit workouts, and she has never looked back. Once seeing the positive impact CrossFit has made on her life both physically and mentally, Megan realized she wanted to use her experience to help others achieve their fitness and overall health goals. With a constant desire of knowledge and an athletic background, she is constantly developing as a coach to bring the Forge Fitness community a well-rounded experience. 


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