Published December 4, 2016

Caleb Dodd

Caleb had been working out and playing sports for over 12 years when he decided it was time to take some time off. After being told by one his old friend he was looking a little small it was all of the motivation he needed to get back into the gym. It was then where he discovered Crossfit. Crossfit really helped fill that void he was filling in his life! The competition amongst himself and other athletes, the community, and being surrounded by people who were constantly trying to better themselves was something he had not felt in over two years.

Since then Caleb has gone on to coach at Crossfit Black Knight in Opelika, AL where he stayed until his original home gym at Crossfit On the Plains took him on as a Head Coach. "It was great being surrounded by amazing people and getting to work under Dalton Ard who really taught me a lot about coaching and helped me grow into the coach I am today."

After coaching at CFP he went on to Head Coach and manage Iron Tribe Fitness in Montgomery for 2 years, but was eager to get back to his true love of Crossfit. When he saw that Forge Fitness was hiring he jumped at the opportunity to not only get back to his Crossfit roots, but also move back to his home town of Birmingham! Caleb loves competing in all sports and doing obstacle course races with his friends.

Crossfit Level One and Functional Movement Screening 

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