Megan Bosley

Published January 27, 2015

Before starting CrossFit, I always enjoyed running and took some classes at the gym – spinning and a few weightlifting classes, but nothing too serious. I mainly enjoyed running half marathons, which I started doing after graduating from college.  

I always wanted to try CrossFit, especially since most people that I know where already doing it were in really good shape, were really strong, and were fast runners. But I have to admit, I was always scared to come to a gym and try it by myself.

Then, I found out from some of my friends about a new CrossFit box opening and I knew I had to try it out. My roommate came with me and we walked into the gym together for our first class. The first class kicked my tail!

I can still remember the workouts we did that day – kettle bell swings, deadlifts, and a 200 meter run. In fact, the 200 meter run was even scaled down for me, with other members doing 400 meters. I could barely run halfway around the building and could barely pick up a kettle bell. It was a bit embarrassing to be honest, but it was also great at the same time. The coaches were great at meeting me where I was at and helping me to modify the workouts to better fit with my level.

After my first day, I left feeling scared to come back since day one was so hard, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to come back and do it again. It was a completely humbling experience but also made me desire to keep going. It definitely helped great having coaches who are always there and push me and knowing I wasn’t doing the workouts alone.

Since joining Forge Fitness, I am much more aware of what I am eating and have learned a lot about how what I eat affects my workout. When eating better, I am stronger. Since starting in July 2013, I can run faster, have more endurance, have a lot more energy, sleep better, and I am a lot stronger than I ever thought I would be. I even ran my fastest half-marathon back in February, without really training for it – all because of CrossFit and Forge.

It is crazy now looking back – I never thought I’d be able to do a pull-up and now I’m doing things that I had no idea my body was even capable of. I am able to run faster than I ever have and I am very fortunate for my experience at Forge.

My advice to a first timer at Forge is to not give up! Listen to the coaches, listen to your body, and let them meet you where you are. Keep at it and you will be able to do things you never thought you could do and you will have a great support system along the way.

Megan Bosley

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