Mayhem Affiliate 08/26/2023

Forge Fitness – WOD

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Workout (Time)


Teams of 2

M- 100-80-60-40-20

F- 80-64-48-32-16

Calorie Row




KB Swings 53/35

Target time: 22-25 minutes

Time cap: 32 minutes

Toes to Bar: Week 3 Day 2 (Checkmark)

Toes to Bar: Week 3 Day 2

Take turns with a partner and rotate to the next station when complete.

Station 1:

Advanced: Accumulate 100 Active Shrugs with 10/5lb Dumbbell between legs

Intermediate: Accumulate 100 Active Shrugs

Beginner: Accumulate 60 Active Shrugs

Station 2:

Advanced: Accumulate 60 V Ups

Intermediate: Accumulate 50 V Ups

Beginner: Accumulate 40 Alternating Leg V Ups

Station 3:

Advanced: Accumulate 3 minute L Sit [use boxes or paralllettes]

Intermediate: Accumulate 2 minute L Sit [use boxes or paralllettes]

Beginner: Accumulate 2 minute Support Tuck Hold [use boxes or parallettes]