Members Spotlight

Forge family! You guessed it… It’s time to announce our 🌠December Member of the Month🌠Kathryn Lewis!! Kathryn is serious about her health and fitness and she hardly ever misses a day in the gym! She has improved so much over the last few months and we’re so proud!!
We asked Kathryn a few questions and here’s what she had to say:

•What is your least favorite movement ever created? “Pull-ups”

•If we did the Kathryn Lewis birthday workout next year, what would it include? “The workout would include box jump overs, Russian twists, and push press.”

{Editor’s note: she’s a beast at box jump overs}

•What do you love most about Forge? “I love my coaches and the people I get to workout with  and the cardio assault class!”
Everyone join me in telling Kathryn 🎉CONGRATULATIONS🎉 on being the December Member of the Month! We love you Kathryn!!