Dual KB/DB Single Leg Deadlift (4×8 (each leg))
Dual KB/DB Single Leg Deadlift

Chose weights that allows for quality and controlled reps. Record the weight of the final set.
Strict Pull Ups (3 x 5-10)
Strict Pull Ups

-If you do not have stirct pull ups, use a band that will allow for a challenging 4-5 reps/set.
-Record the number of reps on the last set.
Metcon (Time)
Deadlifts, 135/95#
Push Jerks, 135/95#
Bar Facing Burpees

Record the time taken to complete.

Masters 55+(Rx):
Barbell: 95/65#

Barbell: 115/85#, 105/85#, 95/65#, or lighter
Burpee step overs