Metcon (Time)
Partner WOD!! (Chipper)
60 Ski Erg Calories
60 Push Ups, 25/15#
60 Burpees
60m Sprint x 30
60 Wall Ball tosses over the bar, 20/14#
60 Assault Bike Calories

Record the time taken to complete.

One person working, one person resting.

Partners can help placing the plate for the Push Ups.

Sprint: Each partner sprints down 30m and back 30m and then tags their partner. Do this a total of 30 times (15 each partner).

Wall ball tosses over the bar: it’s the same standard as a wall ball. If the ball touches the pullup bar, both partners perform 2 penalty burpees.

Masters 55+(Rx):
Regular Push Ups

Push Ups: 15/10#, regular Push Ups , Push Ups from the knees
WB: 14/10# or lighter