Athletes we will be canceling our 6:30PM class Tuesday night. Please make arrangements to attend one of our earlier classes. Thank you!

Front Squat (2-2-2-2-2)
(increasing load)
Metcon (Weight)
21 minute EMOM
1st min: 5 front squats (choose weight accordingly)
2nd min: 10 GSPU
3rd min: 15 V-ups

GSPU on knees
Ab mat sit-ups

Score is weight of front squats. Rx is if all rounds are completed.

Rx+: GS Clapping Push Ups, GHD Sit-ups

Drop-in Policy

At Forge Fitness, we love getting visitors, especially because we believe new people bring a new energy to our space. Whether you’re dropping in for a single session or are sticking around for a couple of days, you’re more than welcome at our gym.

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