Mayhem Affiliate 06/22/2023

Forge Fitness – WOD

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Deficit Deadlift (5 sets of 2 Deficit Deadlifts @70% of 1RM

* Rest as needed between sets)

Perform deficit deadlifts on a 2-inch riser

Workout (5 Rounds for calories)

California Pizza Kitchen

Freedom (RX’d)

5 Sets

2:00 Amrap

30 Air Squats

Max Calorie Echo bike

-Rest 2:00 between sets –

* This is a repeat workout from 7/27/2021

Target number of Calories each set: 20/15+

Minimum number of Calories before scaling: 15/12

Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

5 Sets:

30-40% reps of Max Unbroken Reps (SHSPU)

-Record your total reps-

The prescribed deficit is 4” for men and 2” for women.